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Faculty and Staff Listing (U to Z)

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Underwood, Larry S.;
Professor; B.A., University of Kansas; M.S., Syracuse University; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University; Biology (WO)

Underwood, Rachel;
Assistant Professor; B.S.N., University of Virginia; M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania; Nursing (AN)

Vafier, James A.;
Associate Professor; B.S., M.D., Georgetown University; Medical Director, Emergency Medical Technology (AN)

Valesey, Mark N.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., S.U.N.Y. at Oswego; M.S., Old Dominion University; Automotive (AL)

Vander Maten, Mary A.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Northwestern College, Iowa; Ph.D., University of Kansas; Biology (AN)

Vandevender, Donna;
Registrar (MA)

Van Dyke, James A.;
B.A., Michigan State University; M.A., Central Michigan University; Director, Human Resources (CS)

Vathing, Gale S.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Luther College; M.A., Washington State University; English (AL)

Venskus, Diana G.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., George Mason University; M.A., George Washington University; Program Head, Physical Therapist Assistant (AN)

Vespucci, Paul D.;
Professor; B.S., M.S., University of Florida; Ph.D., George Washington University; Assistant Division Chair, Computer & Physical Sciences (AN)

Vessey, Cyrilla M.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Hamline University; M.Ed., George Mason University; English (AN)

Vick, Elizabeth J.;
Instructor; B.S., M.S., Illinois State University; Speech and Drama (AL)

Vines, Maryann W.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., St. Bonaventure University; M.A., Georgetown University; History (AN)

Vitalis, Janet K.;
Professor; B.S., M.S., The Johns Hopkins University; Ed.D., V.P.I. & S.U.; Counselor (WO)

Voss, Mary;
Instructor; B.A., Marquette University; M.Ed., University of Maryland; Counselor (AL)

Wagner, Susan F.;
Professor; B.A., M.A., Brooklyn College; Ph.D., University of Maryland; Division Chair, Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (AN)

Wahl, Bruce N.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., St. Olaf College; M.A., Northwestern University; Mathematics (AL)

Wall, James T.;
Professor; B.S., Tennessee Technological University; Ph.D., University of Tennessee; History (AN)

Wang, Amy H.;
Associate Professor; B.S., Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences; M.S., Ph.D., Texas Christian University; Mathematics (AL)

Ward, Eileen C.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., College of New Rochelle; M.A., West Virginia University; Interior Design (LO)

Ward, Virginia J.;
Associate Professor; A.B., M.A., Middlebury College; German (AN)

Warden, Marietta;
Professor; B.S.N., University of Washington; M.A., Columbia University; Nursing (AN)

Warsowick, John A., Jr.;
Instructor; A.A.S., Northern Virginia Community College; B.S., University of the District of Columbia; Program Head, Civil/Construction Management (AL)

Watkins, Gladys M.;
Professor; B.M.Ed., Howard University; M.M., D.M.A., Catholic University; Assistant Division Chair, Art & Music; Music (AN)

Wax, Kathleen L.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., University of Massachusetts; M.Ed., Georgia State University; Assistant Division Chair, Developmental Studies/English as a Second Language (AL)

Webb, Robert S., Jr.;
Associate Professor; B.M., Ithaca College; M.M., Catholic University; Music (AN)

Weiner, Wendy F.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.Ed., Ed.D., George Mason University; Assistant Division Chair, English/English as a Second Language (MA)

Weinfield, Anne Marie;
Professor; B.S.N., University of Virginia; M.S.N., Catholic University; Nursing (AN)

Weissman, Susan L.;
Assistant Professor; B.F.A., Pratt Institute; A.A.S., Northern Virginia Community College; M.A., Syracuse University; Communication Design (LO)

Wells, Barbara R.;
Professor; B.M., M.M., D.M.A., University of Maryland; Music (AL)

Wells, Daniel R.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., United States Military Academy; M.S.E.E., Georgia Institute of Technology; Director, Facilities Planning and Support Services (CS)

Wells, Lloyd L.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Wilberforce University; M.S.Ed., University of Dayton; Counselor (LO)

Werner, Stuart C.;
Professor; B.A., Ithaca College; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., V.P.I. & S.U.; Counselor (AL)

Wertman, Ellen R.;
Instructor; B.A., Dickinson College; M.S.L.S., Catholic University of America; Collection Development Librarian (AN)

West, George G.;
Professor; B.S., Denison University; M.A., Kent State University; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; Biology (AL)

Westberg, Rosemarie C.;
Associate Professor; B.S.N., Seton Hall University; M.S.N., Catholic University; Nursing (AN)

Westlake, Barbara;
Assistant Professor; B.S., University of Maryland; M.S., V.P.I. & S.U.; Program Head, Physical Education (AL)

Wharff, Sherrill A.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Oakland University; M.A., Michigan State University; M.A.L.S., University of Michigan; M.S., University of Wisconsin (Stout); Reference Librarian (MA)

Wheeler, Laurence P.;
Associate Professor; B.M., M.M., Temple University; M.M., Catholic University; Music (LO)

Wheeler, Ronnie T.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Pepperdine University; M.A., Webster University; Acquisition and Procurement (AL)

Whipple, David J.;
Associate Professor; B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College; M.A., Case Western Reserve University; Art (LO)

White, Harriet C.;
Instructor; B.A., West Virginia University; M.A. (Equiv.), University of North Carolina; Counselor (AL)

White, Jonathan W.;
Instructor; B.S., Arizona State University; Radiography (AN)

White, Trentwell M.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., M.A., Tufts University; M.A., George Washington University; Coordinator, Community Education Program Developer (Business and Industry) (AN)

Whitmire, Mark A.;
Associate Professor; B.M., Abilene Christian University; M.M., University of Texas; D.M.A., University of Maryland; Music (AL)

Wigle, Elva M.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., University of Detroit; M.A., University of Michigan; Office Systems Technology (AN)

Wilan, Barbara S.;
Associate Professor; B.A., M.A., University of Maryland; English (AN)

Wilan, Richard A.;
Professor; B.A., Amherst College; M.A.T., Harvard University; Ph.D., University of Maryland; English (AN)

Wildblood, Robert W.;
Associate Professor; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Purdue University; Division Chair, Business and Social Sciences (WO)

Wilhelmi, Mary Charlotte;
Associate Professor; B.S., Iowa State University; M.A.Ed., C.A.G.S., V.P.I. & S.U.; Director, College Relations & Development (CS)

Wilkin, Cathy;
Assistant Professor; B.F.A., West Virginia University; M.F.A., Kent State University; Art (LO)

Wilkin, Jonathan L.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., M.S., University of Illinois; Mathematics (AL)

Williams, David L.;
Professor; B.A., V.P.I. & S.U.; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Ed.D., V.P.I. & S.U.; Director, Learning Resources (AL)

Williams, Edith W.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., University of Oregon; M.S.W., University of Maryland; A.M., University of Illinois; English as a Second Language (AN)

Williams, George B.;
Assistant Professor; B.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.F.A., Syracuse University; Art (AN)

Williamson, Jeffrey F.;
Instructor; B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.A., George Mason University; English as a Second Language (AL)

Wiltshire, Cecilia A.;
Assistant Professor; B.S., Iowa State University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; ESL (AN)

Wimbush, Walter L.;
Professor; B.S., Iona College; M.S., Notre Dame University; Ph.D., Rice University; Physics (AL)

Windham, Joseph E.;
Associate Professor; B.A., University of Colorado; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., Howard University; History (AL)

Wise, Mary F.;
Associate Professor; B.S., Valparaiso University; M.S., George Washington University; Assistant Division Chair, Natural Sciences (AL)

Withers, Wistar M.;
Associate Professor; A.B., Virginia Union University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Counselor (AN)

Wolfe, Clarence C.;
Professor; B.S., St. Vincent College; M.S., University of Nebraska at Omaha; Ph.D., V.P.I. & S.U.;
Assistant Division Chair, Biology and Natural Science (AN)

Wolfe, Mark D.;
Assistant Professor; A.A.S., B.S., Rochester Institute of Tech.; Photography (AL)

Wood, Joyce H.;
Associate Professor; B.S., M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University; Program Head, Accounting, Business (AL)

Woodke, Robert S.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Westmar College; M.A., George Washington University; Program Head, Mechanical Engineering and Drafting (AN)

Wooldridge, John B., Jr.;
Professor; B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Ph.D., University of Maryland; Spanish (LO)

Worden, Robert W., Jr.;
Instructor; Welding (MA)

Worthington, Paula J.;
Instructor; A.A.S., Northern Virginia Community College; B.S., Mary Washington College; Computer Information Systems (AN)

Wray, Karen A.;
Associate Professor; B.S., S.U.N.Y. at New Paltz; M.Ed., Wayne State University; M.B.A., Long Island University; Coordinator, Counseling and Enrollment Services (AN)

Wu, Yen;
Professor; B.S., National Taiwan University; M.S., Ph.D., V.P.I. & S.U.; Pre-Engineering (AN)

Wulff, John C.;
Professor; A.B., St. Peter's College; M.M., Catholic University; D.A., George Mason University; Music (LO)

Wurzer, Dale J.;
Instructor; B.S., Strayer College; Computer Information Systems (AL)

Wyatt, Nancy V.;
B.A., Hunter College; Business Manager (MA)

Wyles, Barbara A.;
Professor; B.S., M.A., Duquesne University; Ph.D., George Washington University; Provost (AL)

Yoder, Jonathan A.;
Professor; B.A., M.A., Indiana University; Ph.D., University of New Mexico; Assistant Division Chair for Humanities; English (AN)

Yuska-Adam SEE ADAM, Cecilia Y.

Zimmerman, Mary V.;
Assistant Professor; B.A., Carleton College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; History (AN)

Ziyad, Dawud B.;
Instructor; B.A., Talladega College; M.L.S., University of Maryland; Librarian, Media Processing Services (CS)

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