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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog

Student Services -- Academic Advising

Academic advising is a comprehensive program facilitated by counselors, teaching faculty, and student services personnel who share responsibility with advisees for student success. The advising relationship is a continuous developmental process involving open communication in an atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty. It assists students with the transition to college and the evaluation and attainment of their academic, career, and personal goals. By their participation in a range of advising activities, including individual and
group advising sessions, classes, and workshops, students gain an understanding of campus and college resources and develop the skills to make informed, independent decisions.

For the first semester at the College, you should work with a counselor to select a program to meet your educational objectives. Once you have chosen a major, you will then be referred to an academic advisor or counselor who will assist you in planning the rest of your program for all subsequent terms.

Near the mid-point (30 credit hours) of your program, it is recommended that you meet with your advisor to discuss your progress toward graduation. All students are encouraged to seek information and assistance from academic advisors in career planning in addition to curriculum planning.

Even if you are not enrolled in a specific curriculum major, you may seek assistance from academic advisors and counselors to help select courses during enrollment.