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NOVA 2010-2011 College Catalog

INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS -- Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education provides the opportunity for you to apply the concepts and skills learned in the classroom to a job situation. The professional and technical experience you gain through Cooperative Education establishes a record of performance in your career field and eases your entry into a permanent career position. Over 80% of the Cooperative Education graduates remain with their Co-op employers upon graduation. If you Co-op with a federal government agency, you can be retained non-competitively in a permanent position upon graduation.

To be eligible to participate in Cooperative Education courses, you must:

1. Have declared a major in a degree or certificate program that offers co-op experience.
2. Have completed 15 semester hours of college work or the equivalent, including transfer credit.
3. Have completed a minimum of two courses in your major area of study.
4. Have obtained a 2.00 or better grade point average.
5. Have obtained divisional approval after a review of your academic/employment record and a determination of your potential for success in a Co-op position.

Credit earned in Cooperative Education courses may be used to substitute up to 10 credits of course work in selected degree programs with the approval of your faculty advisor, used for elective credit, or earned as additive credit.  For more information about Co-op, contact Counseling Services.