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NOVA 2010-2011 College Catalog


Curricular Student
You are classified as a curricular student when you declare a major, that is, when you are admitted to a curriculum of the College. You must be a high school graduate, have earned a General Educational Development (GED) diploma, have completed an approved developmental program, or have been otherwise determined qualified for admission. Your academic record must contain all of the information required for admission to the College. A curricular student may be either a full-time or part-time student working toward completion of a certificate or associate degree at the College.

Non-Curricular Student
If you have not requested admission to a curriculum or developmental program, you may still enroll in courses by identifying your reason for enrolling at NOVA. You are expected to declare a major prior to completing 30 credit hours of course work. You may be classified as a non-curricular student under one of the following circumstances:

  1. You are upgrading employment skills for your present job.
  2. You are developing skills for a new job.
  3. You are exploring a new career.
  4. You are seeking personal satisfaction or general knowledge.
  5. You are a transient (visiting) student. You may be enrolled at NOVA while maintaining primary enrollment with another college or university.
  6. You are a non-degree transfer student. You may be enrolled at NOVA to take only a certain number of courses for transfer to another college or university prior to completing the graduation requirements of a specific curriculum at NOVA.
  7. You are a high school junior or senior or the home school equivalent. You must submit a Dual Enrollment form ( 125-207 for individual high school students, 125-208 for home schooled students or 125-209 for high school students taking a contract course) signed by your parent or guardian and your principal to enroll at the College.
  8. Your general or curricular requirements are pending. You may not have met all of the general or specific admission requirements as stated in the College Catalog but may be accepted by the College to take courses for one semester only, with approval from the College.
  9. Your desired program has restricted enrollment. You may meet admission requirements of a specific curriculum but be temporarily denied entry because of an enrollment limitation. You may enroll in other courses while waiting for entry into your chosen curriculum, with approval of the College.

Full-Time Student
You are considered a full-time student if you are enrolled in 12 or more credits of course work in a semester or summer term.

Part-Time Student
You are considered a part-time student if you are enrolled in fewer than 12 credits of course work in a semester or summer term.