Learning Resource Services (LRS) are provided at each campus and consist of library services, information technology support services, audiovisual services, placement testing, and learning laboratory facilities. The materials, systems, and services are designed to support the programs of the College and to create an environment conducive to learning. While the primary emphasis is directed towards supporting instructional programs at each campus, appropriate services are provided to citizens as a part of the College commitment to serve the educational needs of the community.

Students, faculty, and staff may access the combined College collection of more than 400,000 units of print and non-print materials that is available at all of the campuses or remotely via the College's online public access catalog. Books, periodicals, video cassettes, and other resources are loaned among the campuses by intercampus mail couriers.

Open stacks and immediate access to materials are common to all campuses. Books, newspapers, pamphlets, documents, and other materials are selected primarily for support of the campus instructional programs, as well as for personal intellectual growth and the development of a cultural environment. Extensive use of online materials adds breadth and depth to the resources. All patrons may use networked workstations on campus to search a variety of online resources and the Internet. Access to electronic resources and campus library information is available at Students, faculty, and staff may also access subscription databases remotely through a proxy server.

Staff members provide reference assistance and instruction in the use of resources. Through a reciprocal agreement, NVCC students, faculty, and staff have access to the library collections at George Mason University.

Learning Laboratories and Testing Services
Systems for individual use of self-instructional materials are common to all campus. Individualized instruction is offered through a variety of instructional systems. Testing services for placement purposes, for classes, and in support of the Extended Learning Institute are administered in the Testing Centers. Trained staff members provide access, instruction, and tutorial assistance in foundation subjects. Both specialized and generalized learning laboratories are designed to support and complement the instructional programs on the individual campuses.

Audiovisual/Instructional Technology Services
Audiovisual/Instructional Technology Services supports classroom instruction, community services, the library, and the learning laboratories. The staff assists faculty in the technological aspects of instructional design, including photography, computer graphics, Web page design and video production, and support satellite and compressed video teleconferences.

Information Technology Support Services
Information Technology Support Services provides College personnel with information technology services, which include microcomputer installation, hardware and software troubleshooting, telephone services, network connections, and technology training.

Television Services
Television production, satellite downlinking, and Virginia Distance Education Network video links among the campuses are provided by the College Television Center and supported by campus staff. The Television Center is located on the Annandale Campus and provides a complete television production, editing, and transmission facility. The Television Center provides a direct link to local cable-TV systems for credit telecourses and other College programming. The Center also connects with the College's satellite uplink.



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