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    Loudoun Campus

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    The Loudoun Campus is located at 1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway at Sterling on a 91.4 acre site at the intersection of Route 7 and State Route 637 in Loudoun County. There are four permanent buildings, plus a temporary building and greenhouse/laboratories. The Loudoun Campus also supplements limited on-campus space with off-campus rentals for off-campus instruction.

College Staff Room Telephone
Dr. Anthony C. Tardd LC250 (703) 450-2517
Dean of Student Development    
Dr. John C. Sartorius LC242 450-2512
Dean of Communications and Human    
Studies Division    
Dr. Beverly A. Blois, Jr. LC304 450-2527
Dean of Natural and Applied Sciences Division    
Dr. Nancy C. Aiello LC303 450-2575
Admissions and Records    
Gert Heslin LC246 450-2501
John Memmer LC111 450-2589
Business Office    
John De Vitto, Business Manager LC222 450-2562
Continuing Education & Workforce Development    
Betty J. Beyer LC252 450-2597
Counseling Services & Job Counseling LC253 450-2571
Financial Aid    
Sheila I. Gold LC242A 450-2537
Learning Resource Services    
Vacant, Director LC249C 450-2564
Learning Laboratory LC251 450-2508
Library LC249 450-2547
Information Technology Services LC208 450-2569
Testing Center LC251 450-2508
Campus Police    
Cynthia Gresham, Sergeant LC241 450-2540
Student Activities    
Dawn Matta LC253 450-2571
Veterans Advisor    
Diane D. Fochtman LC246 450-2583

    A--Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
    B--Student Parking
    H--Handicapped Parking
    M--Motorcycle Parking
    O--Official (State Vehicle) Parking

Building Identification
    LA--Animal Science Building
    LC--Classroom and Administrative Building
    LCS--College Storage Building
    LD--Temporary Interior Design Building
    LG1--Greenhouse 1
    LG2--Greenhouse 2
    LM1--Volatile Storage Building
    LM2-- Maintenance Building
    LR--Dog Runs
    LS--Natural Science Building
    LW--Waddell Building

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