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Extended Learning Institute Course Requirements

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    Textbooks for Extended Learning Institute (ELI) courses may not be the same as those used on campus. They may be purchased at any NVCC campus bookstore or ordered by phone, fax, or mail. If the book is not available at one of the campuses, the bookstore will arrange to get it from another campus for you. Typically, books ordered from the bookstore by mail are shipped the same day.

Assignment Due Dates
    Even though ELI courses are self-paced, you are required to submit some assignments by specific due dates. If you do not submit these assignments on time, you can be dropped from the course with a grade of W.

Services Available to ELI Students
    All College and campus services are available to ELI students. Some restrictions may exist in the case of financial aid and veterans benefits. Some services, such as bookstores, counsELIng, testing centers, tutoring, and learning laboratories, are closed during breaks at the end of each term. Faculty members may also be on vacation at these times, so there may be some delay in returning written work that has been submitted to ELI. Cable TV programs will not be shown when NVCC is closed for holidays or inclement weather.

ELI Examinations

Each course has several exams that you must take in person at a campus testing center. These are proctored exams. To pass an ELI course, you must pass the proctored exams, regardless of how well you do on other course assignments. Exams may be taken any time the campus testing centers are open, including some evenings and weekend times. For current hours, please call the testing center most convenient for you. If you cannot travel to a campus testing center, other arrangements for proctoring the exam can be made. For more information contact ELI.

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