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    Student Development Services

Career Development Services

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    Each campus offers comprehensive career development services that include career planning and employment resources.

Career Planning Programs
    Career planning programs help you explore, develop, and set goals related to your career and educational needs; make effective career decisions, and obtain employment. You may assess your interests, skills, preferences, values, and strengths; investigate the world of work through research, internships, co-operative education, and volunteer opportunities; and learn job searching tools and strategies such as writing resumes and interviewing successfully.
    A variety of printed materials are available in the Counseling Center and in the Library of each campus. Reference books and college catalogs providing information on colleges and professional schools are available. Other books and pamphlets describe the entrance requirements, working conditions and compensations of thousands of career and job opportunities. Specialized materials are there to help you learn more about how to plan for your education and personal development.

Employment Resources
    Employment resources refer to those resources that help students find jobs. Available in the Counseling Center on each campus, these resources include printed materials and electronic databases that provide students with community job listings and occupational information in both the public and private sectors, including salaries and employment outlook in each occupation. Area employers cooperate with the College to provide part-time and full-time employment for students. Internet resources allow further access to local, state, and national job openings.

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