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Career Studies Certificate AN  

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Purpose: The curriculum is designed to assist those individuals who are responsible for the leadership and management of rescue squads.

Students must comply with all General Admission Requirements for Health Technology Programs. (See page 99.)

Additional Admission Requirements: Professional EMT certification is a prerequisite.

One Semester Credits

One SemesterCredits

   BUS 165 Small Business Management or
    BUS 205 Human Resource Management 3
   BUS 201 Organizational Behavior or
    PSY Psychology for Business & Industry 3
   EMT 161 EMS Leadership & Supervision I 3
   EMT 162 EMS Leadership & Supervision II 3
   ENG/SPD Elective 3
   IST Elective 3

Total Credits/Semester18

Total credits for the Rescue Squad Management Career Studies Certificate = 18.

All first-time students must take a one-credit Student Development (STD) course prior to enrolling in their 16th credit at NVCC.

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