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Purpose: This curriculum is designed to prepare the student for employment as a visual communicator in the field of multimedia production and to broaden the skills of those presently employed in the profession. Upon successful completion, the program prepares students to work as visual communicators in the field of multimedia production.

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester

   ART121Drawing I4
   ART130Multimedia I4
   ART131Fundamentals of Design I4
   ART150History of Film and Animation 3
   ART203Animation I 4
   ART2073-D Model Rendering 4
   ENG111College Composition I 3
__Social Science Elective 3
   ART208Video Techniques  4
   ART230Multimedia II or  
   ART204 Animation II  4

Total Credits/Semester13178

Total credits for a Certificate in Multimedia Design = 38.

1 The social science elective may be selected from the following: economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, or sociology (includes anthropology).

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