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Career Studies Certificate AL  

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Purpose: This program will allow students to learn various hardware and software applications and will assist them in the visualization, production and presentation of any project in their respective technical fields. Since the certificate is intended for students who have had previous CAD courses or extensive job experience, it is important that students confer with a drafting faculty advisor or division counselor to better acquaint themselves with the selection of classes available.

One YearFall SemesterSpringSemester

   DRF233Computer Aided Drafting III 3
   DRF238Computer Aided Modeling and Rendering I 3
   ENG111College Composition I or 
   ENG115 Technical Writing 3
   DRF239Computer Aided Modeling & Rendering II  
   (Using Studio Max)  3
   DRF295Topics In: Computer Aided Modeling  
   Rendering or  
   DRF237 Computer Aided Drafting and Design  
   Systems Management  3
   DRF298Seminar and Project or  
   1Approved Technical Elective  3

Total Credits/Semester99

Total credits for the Electronic Media in Design Rendering and Animation Career Studies Certificate = 18.

All first-time students must take a one-credit Student Development (STD) course prior to enrolling in their 16th credit at NVCC.

1 Technical elective courses must be approved by program advisor.

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