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    The governing board for all 23 colleges in the Virginia Community College System is the State Board for Community Colleges. The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia appoints the members to this board. Each community college establishes its own local board. The Northern Virginia Community College Board provides local leadership and approves items to be recommended to the State Board for consideration. Members of the NVCC Board are appointed by the nine political jurisdictions served by the College. The local board is composed of three members from Fairfax County and one member from each of the other jurisdictions.
    Members of the community serve on curriculum advisory committees for occupational and technical curricula offered at the College. Committee members are selected from occupational fields that are directly related to the career objectives of programs at NVCC. These committees provide the guidance necessary for planning new programs and insuring that courses and programs continue to provide instruction in the skills suited for the job market in Northern Virginia. The College also has a Business and Industry Partnership Advisory Committee and a Military and Government Partnership Advisory Committee to expand education and training services to the community.
    The maintenance and operating budget for the College is provided through appropriations made by the Virginia General Assembly. The nine political jurisdictions of Northern Virginia provide local funding for the purchase of sites and site development. The General Assembly approves capital outlay funding for building construction and initial equipment.

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