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Career Studies Certificate AN, ELI*  

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Purpose: The curriculum is designed for persons who seek entry-level employment as medical transcriptionists by providing them with knowledge and skill in anatomy, medical terminology, word processing, medical transcription, and grammar usage. These basic skills are required to transcribe medical dictation with accuracy, clarity, and timeliness. The curriculum is offered through the NVCC Extended Learning Institute with one coordinated practice course conducted at an area health facility or medical transcription agency in close proximity to students' geographical location. Students are expected to complete the courses in the sequence outlined below. All background courses must be completed before enrolling in the medical transcription courses.

Admission Requirements: Students must be admitted to NVCC and have designated Annandale as their home campus; have a high school diploma or GED including one unit of high school biology or chemistry; have obtained a score of 92 or better on the reading section of the English placement test; have obtained a score of 94 or better on the writing section of the English placement test; have achieved a keyboarding speed of 40 wpm; and hold CPR-A certification.

Certification Eligibility: Upon completion of this certificate, graduates are eligible the national certifying examination in medical transcription offered by the American Association for Medical Transcription.

*Graduation requirements are certified by the student's home campus.

One Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   ENG135Applied Grammar3
   HIT110Intro. to Human Pathology3
   HIT111Medical Terminology I3
   IST117Intro. to Microcomputer Software3
   NAS150Human Biology4
   HIT121Medical Transcription I 4
   HIT122Medical Transcription II 4
   HIT196On-Site Training 2
   HIT260Pharmacology for HIT 2

Total Credits/Semester1612

Total credits for the Medical Transcription Career Studies Certificate = 28.

These Medical Transcription CSC course requirements were approved April 2001 and supersede the listings in the printed 2001-02 College catalog.

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