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Purpose: The Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate is designed to prepare multi-skilled health care practitioners to perform clinical functions in the pre-hospital environment including physicians' offices, urgent care facilities, and nursing homes.

Students must comply with all General Admission Requirements for Annandale Campus Health Technology Programs. (See page 99.)

One Year1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester

   ENG111College Composition I or
   SPD110 Intro. to Speech Communication or
   SPD126 Interpersonal Communication3
   HLT141Intro. to Medical Terminology2
   MDA100Intro. to Medical Assisting2
   MDA107Pharmacology for Medical Assistants2
   NAS150Human Biology4
   NUR105Basic Nursing Skills2
   HIT195Introduction to Health Care Reimbursement 1
   MDA130Advanced Clinical Skills 2
   MDL100Intro. to Medical Laboratory Technology 2
   MDL105Phlebotomy, IV Insertion Techniques 3
RAD110Imaging Equipment and Protection 3
RAD195Topics In: Limited Radiography, 
   PA/Lateral Chest, Extremities 2
   RTH195Topics In: Resp. Therapy Proc. 1
MDL196On-Site Training In: Phlebotomy  2
MDL296On-Site Training In: Clinical Medical Assisting  2

Total Credits/Semester16144

Total credits for the Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate = 34.

1 Upon successful completion of RAD 110 and RAD 195, students are eligible to apply for Virginia Limited Licensure in Radiography.

2 5 weeks/3 days per week - 120 hours to include at least 100 successful venipunctures and 25 successful dermal punctures, and observation of 5 arterial punctures. Upon successful completion of MDL 105 and MDL 196, students are eligible for national certification in phlebotomy.

3 8 weeks/2 days per week - 128 hours to include patient care skills appropriate to assigned facility. Upon successful completion of CMA Certificate, students are eligible to sit for national certification in Medical Assisting RMA(AMT).

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