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    Student Development Services

Information Services

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    An orientation program provides you with the opportunity to learn skills and information that will help you to be successful at NVCC. The orientation program may begin weeks before registration when you meet with a counselor for a program placement interview. In this interview, career interests and educational goals are explored. It will be determined at this time if there is a need for additional information or tests. Your application for admission to a specific curriculum will be evaluated, and the first semester's courses planned.
    A one-credit student development (STD) course designed to help you succeed in college is required for first-time NVCC College students. NVCC students must take STD 100 or another STD course before enrolling for their 16th semester hour at the College. All STD courses cover topics related to academic success, responsible decision making, and college information. Some sections address additional topics. The Extended Learning Institute (ELI) also has an STD course available for those who cannot attend a campus-based section. At the beginning of each semester, ELI holds an orientation program for all new and returning ELI students.

Career, Educational, and Personal Information
    A variety of printed materials are available in the Counseling Center and in the Learning Resource Center of each campus. Reference books and college catalogs providing information on colleges and professional schools are available. Other books and pamphlets describe the entrance requirements, working conditions and compensations of thousands of career and job opportunities. Specialized materials are there to help you learn more about how to plan for your education and personal development.

Student Handbook
    The NVCC Student Handbook provides additional information about the College. Student activities and organizations are described. Food services, bookstores, parking regulations, the statement of student rights and responsibilities, and a listing of the College and campus office locations and phone numbers are included. Copies of the Student Handbook may be obtained in the Student Activities Office.

Computer Information Services
    As a student at Northern Virginia Community College, you may have access to and use of information technology applications, services, and resources as part of your enrollment. The Virginia Community College System has established a student ethics agreement for the use of college computer information technology. Your use of this technology is limited to your role as a student at the College, and there are certain security procedures that you are expected to observe. Copies of the "Information Technology Student/Patron Ethics Agreement" have been posted in computer laboratories, Learning Resource Centers, and other areas where access to college computer services is available. You may obtain a copy of this agreement and the Computer Ethics Guideline from the dean of Student Development Office.

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