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Associate in Applied Science Degree AL, AN, LO, MA, WO  

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Purpose: The curriculum is designed for persons who seek employment in the accounting field or for those presently in accounting who desire to increase their knowledge and update their skills. The occupational objectives include accounting trainee, accounting technician, junior accountant, and accountant.

Transfer Information: NVCC has formal articulation agreements for transfer to the B.S. in Management at National Louis University, the B.S. in Accounting at Strayer University, and the B.S. in Business Education at Virginia Tech.

Recommended Preparation: The student should possess a proficiency in high school English and a strong background in basic arithmetic.

First Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   ACC211Principles of Accounting I3
   BUS100Introduction to Business3
   ENG111College Composition I3
   IST117Intro. to Microcomputer S/W or
   AST236 Specialized Software Appli. or
   BUS226 Microcomputer Appli. in Business3
MTH120Introduction to Mathematics3
PED116Lifetime Fitness & Wellness1
   ACC212Principles of Accounting II 3
   BUS125Applied Business Mathematics 3
   BUS200Principles of Management 3
   ECO120Survey of Economics 3
ENG112College Composition II 3

Total Credits/Semester1716

Second Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   ACC221Intermediate Accounting I3
   ACC231Cost Accounting I3
   ACC261Prin. of Federal Taxation I3
   BUS241Business Law I3
___Social Science Elective3
   SPD110Intro. to Speech Communication3
   ACC222Intermediate Accounting II 3
   ACC241Auditing I 3
ACCElective 3
   BUS220Introduction to Business Statistics 3
   FIN215Financial Management 3

Total Credits/Semester1815

Total credits for the A.A.S. Degree in Accounting = 66.

To graduate from a degree program, students entering NVCC Fall 1999 or later must demonstrate computer competency skills as described in the Degree Requirements section of the Instructional Programs of this catalog.

1 Students may substitute a higher level math. Consult a faculty advisor for appropriate selection.

2 The PED requirement may be met by one of the following options: PED 116, 2 cr.; PED 116, 1 cr. plus a PED activities course, 1 cr.; or PED 116, 1 cr. plus RPK 205, 207, 208, 216, or 225. PED 116 is offered as both a 1-credit and a 2-credit course.

3 ENG 115 or ENG 116 may be substituted for ENG 112.

4 The social science elective may be selected from the following: economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, or sociology (includes anthropology).

5 ACC 215, ACC 219, ACC 232, and ACC 262 are acceptable electives.

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