NVCC 2000-2001 Catalog
    Woodbridge Campus

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    The Woodbridge Campus is located at 15200 Neabsco Mills Road on a 109-acre site in eastern Prince William County. The campus is adjacent to Interstate Route 95. The on-campus facilities include classroom and administration building; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) building; the maintenance building; the photography and design building; and the HVAC laboratory trailer.

Campus Telephone   Metro (703) 323-3000
    (703) 878-5700

College Staff Room Telephone
Dr. Lionel B. Sylvas 233 (703) 878-5751
Dean of Student Development    
Dr. Tanya I. Ludutsky 256 878-5759
Chair, Division of Business    
and Social Sciences    
Dr. Winola Emory 302 878-5706
Chair, Division of Communications    
and Humanities    
Dr. Suzanne S. Hintz 402 878-5716
Chair, Division of Environmental    
and Natural Sciences    
Dr. Alan R. Clarke 208 878-5740
Admissions and Records    
Susan W. Liller 229 878-5738
Denry Lawrence 126 878-5774
Business Office    
David K. Karstens 231 878-5701
Continuing Education & Workforce Development    
Dr. James A. Mustachio 226 878-5754
Counseling Services 202 878-5760
Ervinia H. Miller 158 878-5726
Job Counseling Services    
Vacant 202B 878-5762
Learning Resource Center    
Dr. Gordon M. Cook 427 878-5728
Learning Laboratory 427 878-5727
Library 426 878-5733
Police and Public Safety    
Vacant 102 878-5744
Student Activities    
Vacant 202G 878-5768
Veterans Advisor & Financial Aid    
Ira McClellan 158 878-5748

    A--Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
    B--Student Parking
    H--Handicapped Parking
    M--Motorcycle Parking
    O--Official (State Vehicle) Parking
    V--Visitor Parking

Building Identification
    WA--Arts Building
    WC--Classroom and Administrative Building
    WH--HVAC Lab Building
    WM--Maintenance Building
    WT--HVAC Lab Trailer

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