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Purpose: The career studies certificate in Medical Practice Management is designed to prepare personnel to perform office management functions in physicians' offices and ambulatory clinics. Some examples of these functions include scheduling appointments, maintaining health records, responding to requests for release of medical information, coding clinical data, completing health insurance forms, and managing billing/collections functions. The curriculum includes learning experiences in on-campus laboratories and in community physician office settings.

Admission Requirements: Students must be admitted to NVCC and have designated Annandale as their home campus, have a high school diploma or GED including one unit of high school level science (preferably biology and chemistry), have obtained a score of 81 or better on the reading section of the English placement test, and have obtained a score of 85 or better on the writing section of the English placement test. Evidence of good physical and mental health must be demonstrated by submission of a physical exam form. CPR-A certification is required at time of clinical experience.

One Year1st Semester2nd Semester

   AST140Introduction to Windows1
   ENG111College Composition I or
   SPD110 Intro. to Speech Comm.3
   HLT141Intro. to Medical Terminology2
   HIT149Intro. to Medical Practice Mgt.2
   HIT260Basic Pharmacology for HIT2
   NAS150Human Biology4
   AST141Word Processing I 3
   HIT115Ambulatory Coding and Classification 3
   HIT143Managing Electronic Billing in a 
   Medical Practice 2
   HIT151Reimbursement Issues in Medical 
   Medical Practice Management 2
   HIT190Coordinated Practice 2

Total Credits/Semester1412

Total credits for the Medical Practice Management Career Studies Certificate = 26.

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