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    Manassas Campus

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    The Manassas Campus is located in western Prince William County on a 100.4 acre site at 6901 Sudley Road. The campus is just north of Interstate Route 66 on State Route 234. In addition to the main building, a power technology building provides laboratories for highly specialized programs. There is also a permanent maintenance building and a temporary art laboratory building. Off-campus instruction is offered at several locations, including a local high school.

Campus Staff Room Telephone
Campus Telephone   Metro (703) 323-3000
    (703) 257-6600
  Dr. Gail B. Kettlewell MH317 257-6664
Dean of Student Development/Asst. for
Instructional and Campus Development
  Dr. Anthony C. Tardd MH111 257-6660
Chair, Division of
Communications Technologies and Social Science
  Dr. Ronald T. Buchanan MC330 257-6685
Chair, Division of Science and Applied
  Vacant MC330 257-6606
Enrollment Management
  Carol J. Oandasan MH313 257-6624, 6623
  Al Colbeck MH109 257-6667
Business Office
  Nancy V. Wyatt MH310 257-6625
Continuing Education & Workforce Development
  Linda Malami MC229 257-6634, 6631
  Counseling Services MH110 257-6610
Financial Aid
  Elizabeth L. Sears MH110 257-6675
Learning Resource Center
  Cathy E. Sabol MC129 257-6641
  Learning Laboratory MH112 257-6645
  Library MC129 257-6640
Police and Public Safety
  Larry Clark MH309 257-6650
Student Activities
  Matt Brown MH110 257-6665
Veterans Advisor
  Matt Brown MH313 257-6621

A-- Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
B-- Student Parking
H-- Handicapped Parking
M-- Motorcycle Parking
V-- Visitor Parking

Building Identification
MAŚ Manassas Amphitheater
MC-- Classroom and Library--Colgan Hall
MH-- Classroom and Administrative Building--Howsmon Hall
MM-- Maintenance Building
MP-- Central Plant
MS-- Temporary Art Studio A
MT-- Power Tech Building

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