NVCC 1999-2000 Catalog
    Alexandria Campus

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    The Alexandria Campus is located at 3001 North Beauregard Street just off of Route 7, west of Interstate Route 395. The campus may be reached by Metro Bus and there is ample vehicle parking for visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Alexandria Campus offers a wide range of credit and non-credit courses at campus and off-campus locations.

Campus Staff Room Telephone
  Dr. Barbara A. Wyles AA228 (703) 845-6222
Dean of Student Development
  Dr. Fred Hecklinger AA363 845-6219
Chair, Division of Business
  Dr. Genene Pavlidis AA362 845-6213
Chair, Division of Humanities
  Dr. Paul J. McVeigh, Jr. AA252 845-6206
Chair, Division of Science and Applied Technologies
  Dr. F. Eugene Brown, Jr. AA352 845-6341
Chair, Division of Social Sciences and Public Services
  Vacant AA262 845-6214
Chair, Division of Visual and Performing Arts
  Dr. Rudolph J. Fiorillo AT220 845-6244
Admissions and Records
  Suzanne H. Fuller AA229 845-6217
  Arezoo Alibabai AT104 845-6221
Business Office
  David E. Courter AA230 845-6450
Community Education
  Carmen B. Goodman AE213 845-6280
Continuing Education & Workforce Development
  Dr. Nancy M. McNamara AE214 845-6212
Coordinator, Cooperative Education
  Patricia A. Rheams AA356 845-6354
Counseling Services
  Mary O. Voss AA232 845-6301
Economic Development
  Dr. Louise S. Rainis AE214 845-6329
Financial Aid
  Guy Gibbs AA134 845-6350
Learning Resource Center
  Dr. David L. Williams AA343 845-6255
  Learning Laboratory AA332 845-6035
  Library AA232 845-6231
Military and Workforce Training
  Michael J. Keenan AE214 845-6328
Police and Public Safety
  William L. Coulter AA240 845-6270
Campus/Community Programs
  Amy D. Goss AA340 845-6063
Veterans Advisor
  Sherry T. Reeves AA134 845-6352

    A--Faculty Parking/Staff Parking
    B--Student Parking
    H--Handicapped Parking
    M--Motorcycle Parking
    O--Official (State Vehicle) Parking
    V--Visitor Parking

Building Identification
    AA--Donald L. Bisdorf Building
    AE--Engineering Building
    AM--Maintenance Building
    AP--Parking Garage
    AS—Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and & Arts Center
    AT--Tyler Building

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