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Faculty Resources

Faculty Guidelines

Makeup Test Drop-Off Procedures

  • Fill out a Makeup Examination Form each time you leave tests in the Testing Center.
  • Make sure that your name and the student’s name are included on each individual test.
  • Provide a separate test for each student.
  • If tapes or other components are necessary for your test, please be sure to include a sufficient amount for your students.

Test Pick-Up Procedures

  • You must drop off or pick up tests during Testing Center office hours.
  • Completed tests and tests that have past the due date will be filed in the black file cabinet under your name.

Finals Week

During finals week we do not proctor instructor makeup tests except for students with documented disability accommodations.

Instructor Resources

A Scantron machine is provided for faculty use on the 4th floor in room 435. Item analysis forms are available however, Scantrons will not be provided. The key to room 435 can be obtained from the Library Circulation Desk. If you have difficulty with the Scantron Machine or need assistance let one of the Librarians know.