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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program

How much does it cost?

  • As of Fall 2012, Virginia residents pay $145.25 per credit.
  • Out of state residents pay $340.00.
  • Military contract out of state residents pay $165.75.
  • Business contract out of state residents pay $220.75.
    • In addition, textbooks are about $100 to $150.
    • Example of a four credit course: $145.25 x 4 = $581.00 for a Virginia resident.

How long is each course?

  • A semester is 16 weeks. Each course is one night per week, and each class is four to five hours long. The class time is usually half lecture and half lab.
  • If you plan to attend NOVA full-time, we recommend 16 to 18 credits per semester.

How many courses should I take?

  • If you are working full-time, we recommend only one or two courses per semester.
  • If you plan to attend NOVA full-time, we recommend 16 to 18 credits per semester.

Do I have to get a certificate or degree?

  • No, you may take whatever courses you like. However, employers like proof of learning evidenced by certificates and degrees.
  • First level is a Career Studies Certificate which is five AIR program courses and one elective. (See Advising Sheet)
  • Second level is A/C and Refrigeration Certificate which is one more AIR program course, English, Physics or Math, and one more elective. (See Advising Sheet)
  • The associate degree is a two-year college degree, which requires six more AIR courses, plus three more electives. (See Advising Sheet)

How much study time should I commit to outside of class?

  • Usually about one hour per week for each course credit. For example, a four credit course requires about four hours of study per week. This is an average and will vary depending on your study skills. The Student Development courses SDV 100 and SDV 101 teach study skills, test taking, and other useful leaning tools.

How soon can I get a job in HVACR?

  • As soon as you gain the basic skills of HVACR. Employers prefer at least a Career Studies Certificate which includes two courses in A/C & Refrigeration, two courses in Electricity & Controls, and one course in Basic Heating Systems.

Is there financial aid available?

  • Yes, apply at a Financial Aid Office on a NOVA campus closest to you. Once employed, most HVACR companies cover the tuition for you to continue your HVACR studies.

How do I get started at NOVA?

  • Pick up a Schedule of Classes at any NOVA campus and follow the procedures. Or go online to The first thing you will need to do is to enroll online. There is no charge for this and it provides NOVA with your personal info and educational history. You will receive a student ID number and email address.
  • Go to Student Services on the Woodbridge Campus. The AIR classes are only taught at the Woodbridge Campus. The counselors will give you good advice, answer your questions, and talk to you about placement tests.
  • Register for classes online.