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Sample Placement Test

Click for Testing Center Regulations

We administer the following:

  • COMPASS English Placement Exams
    Sample Questions:
  • COMPASS Math Placement Exams
    Sample Questions:
  • ESL Placement (ACCUPLACER) Exams
  • Instructor Referred Exams
  • Makeup Exams
  • ALL ELI Exams -- You can take an ELI exam at any NOVA campus Testing Center.
  • Nursing Pre-Admission Test
  • CLEP & proctor services for non-NOVA exams

    The MEC Testing Center is currently the only campus administering the Nursing Pre-Admission Test. Click here to register or to view the schedule. 

    Nursing Pre-Admission Test Group Review Sessions

    Click here for tutoring information.

    Exam Information: (Click on the icons below for information about the exam.)

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    English Placement Exam (eCOMPASS) Information
    Math Placement Exam (eCOMPASS) Information
    ESL Placement Exam (ACCUPLACER) Information
    Nursing Pre-Admission Test Information