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How to Apply to NOVA's Registered Nursing Program Tracks

Step 1. If you are not already a current student, apply to NOVA at, and indicate Nursing as your plan of study.

Step 2. Listen to the Information Session for the nursing track you are interested in attending.

Step 3. Submit all required official college transcripts, and official or unofficial high school transcripts to Medical Education Campus, Student Services – Room 202, 6699 Springfield Center Drive, Springfield VA 22150.

Step 4. If you have a previous college degree or other college credits and would like to know if your previous courses may be applied to the nursing program, complete a Request for Evaluation of Transcript and submit it to Student Services at the Medical Education Campus to have your transcripts evaluated for possible transfer credit. Transcript evaluation may take 6-8 weeks so please submit your transcripts as early as possible.

Step 5. Download and print the Pre-Admission Checklist from the Information Session for the nursing track you would like to attend. If you are planning to apply for more than one track, please note that you will need to complete a separate Pre-Admission Checklist for each track.

Step 6. Begin completing the necessary pre-admission requirements as listed on the Pre-Admission Checklist. View our Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions about some of the pre-admission requirements.

Step 7. Register for any pre-requisites you need to complete. Please note that all pre-requisites must be successfully completed BEFORE the application deadline so plan your course schedule accordingly. For help on how to register for courses, view the NOVAConnect website or visit any campus Student Services Center.

Step 8. Once you have successfully completed all the requirements on the checklist and all final grades or transfer credit is posted to your record, follow the directions on the Pre-Admission Checklist to submit it to Student Services at the Medical Education Campus. (Please note that Pre-Admission Checklists cannot be verified on a walk-in basis, and students who are still enrolled in pre-requisite courses or are missing requirements will have their checklists sent back to them.)

Step 9. Once your Pre-Admission Checklist is reviewed and verified by Student Services, you will receive an application packet in the mail with instructions detailing how to apply to the nursing track you selected. Please submit checklists by the deadline listed in the Nursing Program Track Deadlines Document at your information session site to allow for enough time for your checklist to be reviewed and for you to receive and complete the application packet.

Step 10. Follow the directions provided in your application packet to submit your Application Portfolio by the nursing track deadline.

Step 11. You will receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail notifying you that your Application Portfolio was received. Approximately two weeks after the nursing track deadline, all students will be notified by mail of their acceptance status to their selected nursing track.

Step 12. Complete and attend the MANDATORY online and in-person Nursing Orientation on the date and time provided in your acceptance letter. Students who fail to complete and attend the Nursing Orientation will have their applications returned to them.