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MEC provost - Anne Loochtan

Provost's Welcome

Welcome From the Provost

Welcome to the Medical Education Campus, also known as the MEC.

The MEC offers a wide variety of healthcare programs, from certificates to associate degrees. Our campus community prides itself on offering high quality instruction and service. Students in MEC programs have access to a wide variety of up-to-date laboratories and state of the art equipment. The clinical simulation laboratory offers an opportunity for students to practice on high-fidelity simulation manikins without the worry of the clinical setting. It is ideal for early learning in a safe environment and for interdisciplinary activities.

Our programs are accredited at the national level by a variety of specialized programmatic accreditors. In turn, our graduates are sought after in the medical community throughout Northern Virginia.

The MEC has a focus on continuing education and providing educational pathways. Many of our programs have agreements in place with universities that enable graduates to complete their baccalaureate degrees in an accelerated manner at one of our sister universities. Whatever your interest area in healthcare education, the MEC can assist you.

Anne M. Loochtan, PhD
Phone: 703.822.6699
Fax: 703.822.6619