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Dean's Welcome

Regardless of your academic and/or your career pursuit, I highly encourage you to utilize the vast resources of the campus and college to help you develop your full potential. I also strongly suggest that you involve yourself in experiences that will prepare you to make positive differences in the world's communities. Grasp with fervor as many occasions that are feasible, which can help you build solid character, affirmative ideals and lead you to the attainment of knowledge and truth.

Always be mindful that the Office of the Dean of Student Development exists for the sole benefit of students receiving quality student development programs and services. These service offerings include: admission, registration/records, career planning/employment resources, counseling/advising, financial-aid assistance, instruction for success, special need disability support, student activities and veteran benefits. The entire student development services faculty and staff are ready, willing and able to serve your particular needs and/or concerns. You are cordially invited to fully avail yourself to these services. It is our hope that you will be enlightened and enjoy your experience as a member of the student body.

Thank you for visiting!

Dr. Mark Kidd, Manassas Campus
Dean of Students
Phone: 703.257.6660