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Dishonored Checks & Credit Cards

When a check or credit card transmittal is returned to us by your bank, payment is still due for your classes. You will be contacted, in writing, about the amount due. Payment can be made at the Campus Business Office during regular business hours.

Dishonored Checks

NVCC charges a $20.00 penalty fee to anyone whose payment is dishonored. A dishonored check is any check returned because of insufficient funds, a stop payment, or any other reason. A dishonored check is considered a debt to the College. A person whose check is dishonored will be disqualified from paying by check for one year after the original debt and penalty fee are paid.

Dishonored Credit Cards

A service charge of $20.00 is charged to you for any credit card charge that is dishonored. A dishonored credit card is defined as a chargeback to the College's account. A dishonored credit card is considered a debt to the College.

Second Offense

A second offense shall require that all future obligations by you be paid by cash, certified check, or money order. A service charge shall be imposed for any check or credit card charge that is dishonored, unless the bank is at fault and will so state in writing.