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Faculty and Staff

Name Discipline Phone Email
Anstice, Mary Admin. & Office Specialist II 703.257.6605
Russell, Kathy Admin. & Office Specialist III 703.257.6605
Klink, Cindy Admin. Asst. 703.530.2826
Phillips, Dr. Charlene Assistant Division Dean, Information Technology 703.257.6698
Embrey, Myles Program Head, Automotive Technology 703.257.6679
Godfrey, Tim Automotive Technology 703.257.6677
Hicks, John Automotive Technology 703.257.8254
Phares, Gary Automotive Technology 703.257.6676
San Miguel, Anitza Assistant Division Dean, Biology 703.257.6680
Hadlock, Timothy Biology 703.533.2827
Jadhav, Geeta Biology 703.257.6648
O’Connor, Mark Biology 703.530.2828
Otsuka, Cary Biology 703.257.8256
Perrier, Gregory Biology 703.257.6562
Smith, Alias Biology 703.530.2837
Gomez, Ia Program Head - Biotechnology 703.530.8255
Karamian, Alen Biology, Trainer/Instructor I 703.530.8246
Benhusen, Dr. Ahmed Program Head, Chemistry  703.257.6644
Kraemer, Pam K.M. CHM/GOLN/NAS/PHY Trainer/Instructor 703.257.6563
Henry-Tettt, Dr. Dahlia Health/Physical Education 703.257.6534
Mancini, Nicole Health/Physical Education 703.530.3026
Carrington, Dr. Michael Program Head, Computer Science 703.257.6555  
Lew, Kurk Information Technology 703.257.6574
Phillips, Jacob Information Technology 703.257.6619
Schmidt, Bernard Information Technology 703.530.2825
Torry, Teryll Information Technology 703.530.2824
Ahmadi, Dr. Shahrokh Mathematics 703.257.6535
Gary, Patricia Knight Mathematics 703.257.6647
Hill, John Math Center Manager 703.530.8626
Riggs, Brittany Math Center Manager 703.530.8626
Inyang, Michael Mathematics 703.257.8276
Opoku, Francis Mathematics 703.257.3001
Ruffle, Bill Mathematics 703.257.6654
Hansen, Rizza Mathematics 703.530.3027
Henry, Dr. Jean Francois Physics 703.257.6646
Rodman, Brenda Physics, Lab Assistant 703.257.6518
Wayman, Matthew Welding 703.530.3002