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Communications Technologies and Social Sciences Division

The Communications Technologies & Social Sciences Division strives to provide NOVA students with dedicated, diverse, highly qualified, energetic and dynamic faculty and staff. The Communications Technologies & Social Sciences team uses their NOVA resources efficiently and effectively to provide the tools necessary to assure our students succeed whether they want to transfer to a university, gain employment skills, upgrade their current skills or just learn something new.

Dr. Molly Lynch
Division Associate Dean
Communication Technologies & Social Sciences
Phone: 703.257.6681
Office: MC 24

Dr. Rebecca Hayes
Assistant Dean
Social Sciences
Phone: 703.257.6695

Barbara Hopkins
Assistant Dean
Business & Career
Phone: 703.530.8294

Dr. Jean Goodine

Assistant Dean
Phone: 703.257.6693

Division Staff

Loretta Gray
Administrative & Program Specialists

Janis McCoy-Finch
Administrative & Program Specialists

Course of Study/Programs