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Faculty and Staff

Name Discipline Phone Email
Fritsche, Dr. Steven Accounting 703.257.6615
Hopkins, Barbara Accounting 703.530.8294
Carter, Dr. Russ Administration of Justice  703.257.6503
Gray, Loretta  Administrative & Program Specialist III 703.257.6685
Al-Tahrawi, Khalil    Arabic   703.530.8296
Lash, Dr. Barbara Art 703.257.6657
Goodine, Dr. Jean Assistant Division Dean 703.257.6693
Kuhta, Dr. Anne English 703.257.6694
Usher, Kelly English 703.530.2821
Cogdill, Cathleen Business & Marketing 703.530.3063
Donovan, Dr. Jeremiah Comm. Studies/English 703.257.6685
Korn, Dr. Charles Comm. Studies, Theatre 703.257.6697
O'Sullivan, Kathryn Comm. Studies, Theatre 703.257.6595
Vick, Elizabeth (Libby) Comm. Studies, Theatre 703.530.8250
Ludlow, Dr. Kathleen Early Childhood Education 703.257.6586
Bhadra, Dr. Laura Economics 703.257.6593
Ryan, Maryellen Economics 703.530.2891
Sheble, Karen Education 703.257.6618
Wilkins, Ashley Education 703.530.2892
Callahan, Kathleen   English 703.257.6656
Casal, Dr. Laura English 703.257.6692
Como, Dr. Robert English 703.257.6686
Dorsey, Carrie  English 703.257.6690
Givens, Dr. Susan English 703.257.6673
Goldberg, Lorraine English 703.257.6506
Harvey, Dr. Jonathan English 703.530.2822
Hitchcock, Jennifer English 703.530.8291
Jean-Baptiste, Chalet English 703.730.2820
Stewart, Dr. Ruth English 703.257.6691
Woodard, William (Bill) ESL 703.257.6594
Flowers, George ESL 703.530.8257
George, Elaine ESL 703.530.8258
Bailey, Dr. Raymond History 703.257.6683
David, Dr. Sheri History 703.257.6684
Hayes, Dr. Rebecca History 703.257.6695
Tucker, Alicia History 703.257.6696
Simmons, Linda  History/Political Science 703.257.6688
Dyrud, Dr. Mocha Psychology 703.257.6537
Gunnarson, Dr. Sarah Psychology 703.530.8273
Lynch, Dr. Molly  Psychology 703.257.6533
Schmitt, Dr. Mary Ann Psychology 703.257.6687
Ortiz, Chaiya Spanish 703.530.8275
Sparks-Early, Cristina Spanish/Foreign Languages 703.257.6504
Minnich, Dr. Donna Sociology 703.257.6616