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Daily Routines and Technology Support

Computer Workstation information on available software, log on procedures, virus protection protocols. Copier, Fax and Other Equipment: policies, locations, and operating information
Forms: information on the Online Forms site of Northern Virginia Community College.  Mail: information on email,  intercampus mail, and U.S. mail
Student Information Services (NovaConnect): information on determining your EMPL ID, accessing class rosters, and entering grades on NovaConnect Telephones and Voice Mail: operation of desk top phone, long distance calling, voice mail, TTY/TDD phones, emergency call boxes
Faculty & Staff Lounge: information on the Faculty & Staff Lounge Web Page Development: links to graphics library, services, tutorials related to web page development
Exercise/Wellness Room 111: information on the Wellness center  

Computer Workstation

Computer Policies

IT Help Desk: College Level support for network and desktop applications.

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Copier, Fax, and Other Equipment

Keys: Full time faculty and staff may request keys to their assigned offices with the Key Request Authorization Form 

Off-Campus Use of Equipment:
Individuals in every department or division are directly responsible for proper control of equipment assigned to them and must be able to account for that equipment throughout the year and during annual inventories. 

If an employee wants to take any item off campus they must have the approval of their immediate supervisor and department head, as well as that of the Business Manager.  All equipment must be checked out, using a 105-5 (Authorization and Custodial Record of Equipment Temporarily Removed from Campus), which is given to the Property & Distribution Manager in the Business Office after the approvals are obtained.  The equipment must be signed back in through the Property & Distribution Manager when the item is returned.  Completion of this form is necessary to maintain accurate records of the whereabouts of assigned equipment.   

Physical Inventories are conducted April 1, through June 1 each calendar year.  The results of these inventories are compiled for the College and for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) in Richmond.  Failure to properly account for equipment assigned to the campuses can result in severe financial penalty to the College and to the VCCS.

Ordering Supplies:
The college maintains a contract with various companies to provide office supplies that are discounted and delivered to your office.  The current company is The Supply Room Companies.  Your office should have a catalog and order  forms that can be filled out and faxed to the company.  The college also has some items that are on state contract and you must buy these items from the company designated.  In some instances the contract vendor cannot provide the product to specifications and, through a justification, the product can be purchased off contract.  Check the Business Office for a list of items on state contract. 

There are three copying machines for the campus. One is located in each Division and one is in the duplicating room, 2nd floor.  You may use any of these copiers.  See your division office or the Business Office (ext. 562) for your department code.  You will need to enter this code in the copy machine each time.  In addition to these copiers, many offices have fax machines that will also copy one or two sheets quickly.  

Faculty HandbookNOVA Copyright

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Go to the Online Forms site of Northern Virginia Community College. This site provides online access to forms commonly used at the college.

All forms are in PDF format and can be read and completed online using Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Reader or would like to upgrade your current version, visit the Adobe Reader website.

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Student Information Services (NovaConnect)

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Desk Top Phones: all you ever wanted to know about Voice Over IP and your voice mail.  

College Directory

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Faculty & Staff Lounge

Room LC 143 is designated as the lounge for faculty and staff.  A refrigerator, microwave, round tables, lounge furniture, and sink are provided for employee use.  Access code is available on the campus Phone Extension Listing.

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Exercise/Wellness Room 111

The Wellness room has a complete line of Life Fitness weight exercise equipment including leg press, leg curl, chest press, rowing machine, weight assisted dip/chin up, abdominal, and back.

Also, several aerobic machines including 2 treadmills, 2 cross trainers, and 1 bicycle.

Also a bench press station with a complete set of dumbbells ranging from 5 - 50 lbs.

Room is supervised by college students and hours for each semester are posted beside the front door.  Exercise/work-out card are available to record works-outs.

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Web Page Development

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