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Loudoun Campus Tutoring Center

Welcome to the Loudoun Campus Tutoring Program at Northern Virginia Community College! We offer up to two hours of free tutoring per week, per class, for current NOVA students.

Request a Tutor

If you need a tutor simply Request a Tutor on our home page and we will attempt to pair you with someone who can meet with you for individual tutoring at the Loudoun Campus. After you submit your request you’ll be prompted to take a Learning Style Assessment that will show you study tips that may be best suited for your style of learning. We will email you within two business days to let you know if we have a tutor available for your course. If so, then you will be given the tutor’s phone number so that you may contact them to arrange a time and place to meet. However, all tutoring sessions must occur in one of the academic buildings on the Loudoun Campus.

In the event that we do not have a tutor for a particular subject, then we will attempt to recruit a tutor for you. In the meantime, we encourage you to meet with your professor after class or during their office hours for additional help. You may also want to consider forming a study group with other members of your class.

Additional walk-in tutoring is available through the Math Center and the Writing Center. More information about these excellent resources may be found under the Resources for Students link.

Become a Tutor

Do you want to Become a Tutor and share your knowledge with others? We invite you to participate in this rewarding program. Benefits include a starting wage of $10 p/hr, the ability to gain great experience for your resume, professional references for the future, meeting new people, retaining what you have already learned, creating your own schedule, and most importantly helping other students succeed!

Martha Janowski
Tutoring Coordinator
LC 102-O

Note: Students with special needs who need accommodations or extra time with a tutor may contact the Tutoring Coordinator for more details.