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Requirements & Pre-Admissions Checklists: Veterinary Technology Program

The Veterinary Technology program welcomes all applications 18 years and older. We are committed to accepting students who show the strongest academic foundation. However, please note that the program coursework is rigorous. We expect our students to enter the program with excellent skill sets in writing, math, critical thinking, communication, team work, interpersonal/social skills, study skills, and organizational skills. Admission to the program is competitive and selection is based on each year’s applicant pool.

Review the NOVA Advising Sheet for a checklist of program requirements that fulfill the Applied Associates of Science degree in Veterinary Technology (A.A.S.). Students who have been most successful in our program are those who have already completed the following fundamental coursework toward degree completion and are currently working in a veterinary clinic practice:

CourseName and DescriptionCredits
CST 110 Introduction to Communication (Speech)
*CST 126 may be substituted
CHM Elective Introduction to College Chemistry With Lab (CHM 101, 111 or 121)
Students must complete CHM with a ‘C’ or better by end of the first semester of the program.
*This course is a 4-credit lab course that prepares you for the Animal Pharmacology course in the second semester of the program. Make sure to note that there are prerequisite courses required before taking any of these Chemistry courses in both English and Math. Check the catalog for the courses needed before being allowed to register for a Chemistry course.
ENG 111 College Composition
*This course requires a satisfactory placement test score suitable for English 111. Placement tests can be taken at any test center on any NOVA campus. The Loudoun Testing Center is located in room LR 251. 

Humanities Elective

Refer to the current printed NOVA Course Catalog for the list of courses that can count toward the humanities elective course or check the list of acceptable humanities elective courses. 3
PED 116

Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
An activity physical education course cannot be substituted for this course.

Social Science Elective

Social Sciences Elective
Refer to the current printed NOVA Course Catalog for the list of courses that can count toward the social science elective course or check the list of acceptable social science elective courses.

SDV 101 The Veterinary Technology program offers its own 8-week course during the summer and fall semesters of the program as SDV 101. Topics include Profession of Veterinary Technology, Externship/Preceptorship information, Resume Prep Skills, Student Success Skills, Test Anxiety, Time Management and more. A previously completed general student development course SDV 100 at NOVA may be substituted. 1
MTH 126 Mathematics for Allied Health

Students must complete MTH126 with ‘C’ or better by end of first semester of the program.
*This course is a 2-credit drug dosage calculation course that prepares you for the second semester Animal Anesthesiology course. There is a math placement prerequisite for this course. Students can also fulfill this requirement by taking a challenge exam at any of the NOVA campus testing centers (see Advanced Standing policy) after being accepted to the program.

Advanced Standing Policy

Students who have completed an associate, bachelor's or master’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution will automatically be given credit for fulfilling all of the general education courses listed above with the exception of Chemistry elective course (4-credits with a lab), Math 126 course and Orientation to Veterinary Technology (SDV 101). These three courses are program-specific requirements for degree completion in veterinary technology. If you have taken a 4-credit Chemistry course with lab as part of your degree curriculum and achieved a letter grade of C or better (C-minus grades and lower do not transfer to NOVA) then you are exempt from taking the Chemistry course. If you have not taken a 4-credit Chemistry course or did not achieve the minimum transfer credit grade then you will still need to take this requirement either before applying to the program (if you did not take Chemistry in high school) or during the summer prior to program entry or during the first semester of the program.

For the Math 126 requirement, you may either take this course or take a challenge exam and receive credit-by-exam after being accepted into the program. The challenge exam can be taken at any NOVA Testing Center. Before requesting to take the Math 126 challenge exam, you must have taken a college-level transferable math course with a 'C' or better. This college math course must also be documented on an official college transcript to facilitate student request to your faculty advisor for course substitution process.