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Loudon campus GCPI

Geospatial Career Pipeline Initiative (GCPI)

The Geospatial Career Pipeline Initiative (GCPI) is a three-year program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor designed to increase the number of geospatial technology professionals in the workforce. Under GCPI, NOVA and its partners are working with high school and college students, providing educational and employment opportunities in the field of geospatial technology. In addition, GCPI will provide professional development opportunities for high school teachers.

GCPI has three goals:

1. Expand Technology Based Learning

  • Improve virtual learning environments through the latest
  • Increase the number of GIS courses offered via distance

2. Expand Training and Education Opportunities

  • Provide GCPI students Internships and job skills
  • "Scholarships" for students and teachers to attend selected GST conferences and seminars

3. Enhance the Capacity of Educational Institutions

  • Develop GST training programs for high school teachers
  • Provide partner high schools with computers and other resources
  • Establish articulation agreements with high schools and Virginia universities