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Loudon Campus GCPI

Lee Ebinger

Lee Ebinger (GIS200; GIS293 Studies in: Cartography for GIS)

Ebinger is an adjunct associate professor at NOVA, where she teaches GIS and Cartography.

Ebinger is a cartographer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Statistical Services Division. She has worked as a cartographer, programmer, systems engineer and IT specialist in the federal government and as a government contractor. Ebinger has extensive experience with automated map production using GIS software, spatial databases and batch programming. She has authored system design specifications, performed functional/system acceptance tests and trained GIS users in cartographic principles. Her latest efforts have focused on image analysis of satellite data to produce categorized cropland images and crop acreage estimates. Her map production and design work has received the prestigious Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Award.

  • BS (Cartography) University of Maryland
  • MS (Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering) George Mason University