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Loudoun Provost Staff Minutes

The Provost’s Staff meets weekly to share key information, develop objectives, formulate strategies and tactics and assess current initiatives.

Members include:

  • Joe Agnich, Acting Dean, Division of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Cat O’Brien, Dean, Division of Communication and Human Studies
  • Deborah Wyne, Dean of Students
  • Dr. Randy Fournier, Dean of Learning and Technology Resources
  • Laura Siko, Director of Off-Campus Sites
  • Tatyana Schum, Campus and Community Relations Specialist
  • Mitch Markon, Business Manager
  • Chuck Barrett, Facilities Manager
  • Sgt. Kerry Haynes, Campus Police
  • Scott Wood, Workforce Development Representative
  • Jack Zegeer, Financial Aid Manager
  • Liz Hamrick, Executive Assistant to the Provost
  • Debby Melko, Executive Assistant to the Provost