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Loudoun Campus Council

The purpose of the Campus Council is to serve as an instrument for the formulation and expression of faculty, student and staff points of view on each campus. The Council usually considers questions relevant to its respective campus and its constituencies. It advises and seeks advice from the Provost of the campus and, through the Provost, to the President of the College. It also communicates with and makes recommendations to campus committees, college committees and/or the College Senate.


Current Members:


  • Diane Mucci, Professor of Biology, Biotechnology Program Head (Chair)
  • Scott Matthews, Assistant Professor, Biology (Vice Chair)
  • Kathy Briggs, Instructor of English, Assistant Dean of English
  • Timothy Eichers, Associate Professor, Information Technology
  • Bridget Pool, Associate Professor, English
  • William Straight, Assistant Professor of Geology


  • Kyle Cervantes, Biology Lab Manager
  • Radina Mileva, Human Resources Campus Consultant


  • Randy Fournier, Dean of Learning, Technology and Resources
  • Laura Siko, Director, Off Campus Sites

Student Representative

  • Jamila Vizcaino, Student Government Association President