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Innovation Park building.

Distinctive Offerings - Innovation Park

Explore the many areas of study, certificates, degrees and distinctive courses offered at Northern Virginia Community College's Innovation Park.

Manage money for a corporation by learning accounting principles, how to apply the principles, merchandising, and financial analysis. 

Scientific Programming
Become a problem solver by learning a science-oriented, high level programming language.

Spreadsheet Software
Learn how to create spreadsheets with formatted cells and cell ranges, control pages, multiple sheets, charts, and macros. This course covers MOS Excel objectives.

JAVA Programming
Discover the benefits of studying Java programming, developing algorithm, coding, debugging, and documenting console and graphical user interface applications. 

Instructional Principles/Drivers Education
Teach others how to drive by learning the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of Driver Education programs and qualify to take the state certification exam in driver education.

Intermediate Spanish
Strengthen your skills in one of the fastest-growing languages by developing your speaking, reading, writing skills, and understanding of the language.