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Innovation Park building.

Academic Support - Innovation Park

Find the educational resources you need at NOVA's Innovation Park.

Counseling Services
Counseling services are only available at Innovation Park during the first week of each new semester.

Tutoring Center
Tutoring and Academic Advising services are available on an as needed basis. To make an appointment for Tutoring, please call 703.257.6699. For Academic Advising, please call 703.257.6567.

Technology Services
Personal Computer use -- in order to utilize the computers at Innovation Park, you will need a User ID and password. Please contact the Help Desk at 703.426.4141 if you do not have this information. Wireless Internet (WiFi) is available at Innovation Park. Instructions on how to set up your computer for WiFi is located at

Computer Labs
When there are no scheduled classes, Rooms 108, 112 and 125 are available for you to use. You need a User ID and password to gain access to the computer. A printer is also provided in these classrooms for your convenience. If you do not have a User ID or password, please contact the Helpdesk at 703.426.4141.

Student Lounge
A break room with vending machines for sodas and snacks is available. There is also a TV for your entertainment. You can use this room for studying as well. Student computers in the break room are available for your convenience. Any questions regarding vending machines, please contact the Manassas Campus Business Office at 703.257.6625.