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Verizon Galleries

All art exhibits must be approved by the Ernst Gallery Exhibition Committee. For more information about exhibitions, please call Kevin Sheehan at 703.323.3805. After receiving approval, the art exhibit is booked with the Cultural Center.

Gallery hours are Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The gallery, which is otherwise locked, also serves as the theater lobby, and thus is open without supervision during theater performances.

There is limited storage space for the gallery; therefore all work must be removed from the gallery promptly at the end of each exhibition. Artwork designed to be exhibited on the wall must be capable of being hung from a hanging rail. Nothing may be affixed directly to, on, or through the wall. The exhibitor, if needed, must furnish pedestals and plinths for three-dimensional work.

Rent the Gallery

Sample Thumbnail Sample Thumbnail Sample Thumbnail

Dimensions and Pricing

Seating Capacity
Theater Style (each gallery) 35 people
Reception Style (each gallery) 60 people
Upper Gallery 1,379 square feet
Lower Gallery 1,400 square feet
Non-Profit Organization
Upper Gallery $30 per hour
Lower Gallery $30 per hour
Kitchen $60 per event
For Profit Organization
Upper Gallery $45 per hour
Lower Gallery $45 per hour
Kitchen $90 per event

* The Ernst Community Cultural Center requires a minimum three-hour booking. Additional charges apply for use of equipment, an administrative fee, parking and labor. A separate cleaning charge of $180 applies if the kitchen is rented.

For information on Exhibition pricing, please email Kevin Sheehan at