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Fridays-Only Classes

Fall 2013 registration has begun for this exciting new program at the NOVA Annandale Campus!

Through completion of the Friday-only Classes Program students can earn a General Studies A.S. Degree in two years by attending classes only on Fridays.

The program includes a combination of in-person, hybrid, and online courses through NOVA's Extended Learning Institute (ELI). All in-person classes are held on Fridays and cover the same course material as regular semester classes.

General Studies
Associate in Science Degree

First Year

Fall I:
HIS 101, ITE 115 Hybrid, ENG 111 Hybrid, SDV 100 Online

Spring I:
CST 100 Hybrid, ECO 201 Hybrid, ENG 112 Hybrid, SOC 201 Online

Summer I:
ART 101 Online, PSY 201 Online

Second Year

Fall II:
BIO 101 Hybrid, PHI 101 Hybrid, MTH 151, ART 105 Online

Spring II:
BIO 102 Hybrid, ENG 241 Hybrid, PLS 120 Hybrid, MUS 121 Online

Summer II:
HUM 201 Online, PED 107, PED 116

Follow our step-by-step admission and enrollment checklist.

For additional information regarding the Fridays-only program, please contact Marc Robinson at 703.425.5260 or