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Weekend Studies Program

Degree Requirements

In the Weekend Studies Program, you can create your own time frame to complete your degree. For example, you can earn an associate degree in as little as three years. The following are three-year course formats for the Liberal Arts degree and Business Administration degree programs. Additional course electives may not be offered on weekends, but can be found in the College Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

Liberal Arts
Associate in Arts Degree

First Year

ENG 111*, SPA 101, SDV 100

ENG 112, SPA 102

Second Year

BIO 101, MTH 151*, SPA 201

BIO 102, MTH 152, SPA 202

SPD 110, PED 116 (2 credits)

Third Year

PSY 201, HIS 121, ENG 241

SOC 201, HIS 122, ENG 242

* Placement testing required for ENG and MTH. Preparatory classes may not be offered on weekends. Students are advised to work closely with the faculty and counseling staff for program and course scheduling. Electives should be chosen carefully after investigating the requirements of the institution to which transfer is sought. Students completing their A.A. in liberal arts must demonstrate intermediate college-level (201-202) proficiency in a language other than English.