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Faculty & Staff

Name Discipline Telephone Email
Stephanie Allen Career Counselor 703.764.5063
Felicia Blakeney Career Services Specialist 703.323.3729
Dr. JoAnn Credle Retention Counselor 703.323.3205
Dr. Marilyn Deppe
Coordinator of Student Support Services 703.323.3400
Tom DiCato Student Activities 703.323.3484
Dr. Charles Dy Counselor 703.323.3501
Dr. Ellen Fancher-Ruiz Acting Dean of Students
Monica Gomez Pathway Counselor 703.323.4094
Kimberly Heck Disabilities Counselor 703.764.5048
Raymond Hillyard High School Outreach 703.764.6010
Marius Jones Career Counselor 703.323.2236
Raymond Jones Acting Coordinator of Counseling 703.764.6011
Susie Ko  Disabilities Counselor 703.323.3455 
Mark Mannheimer Coordinator of Student Success 703.323.3203
Margarita Martinez Retention Counselor 703.323.3069
Jennifer Nelson Transfer Counselor 703.323.2250
Margaret Omwenga Registrar 703.323.3071
Cheryl Rohrbaugh Counselor 703.323.3017
Romulo Sarmiento Veterans Advisor 703.323.3145
Frances Troy Coordinator of Retention Services, Pathway to the Baccalaureate 703.323.3148
Dr. Michael Tucker Coordinator, International Student Services 703.323.3091
Vinita Warren-Nickens Retention Counselor 703.323.3153
Vicky White Disabilities Counselor 703.764.7700
Margie Wildblood Veterans Counselor 703.764.5017
Kimberly Wright Interim Assistant Coordinator, Student Conduct 703.323.3362
Jessie Zahorian Counselor 703.764.6030


Name Discipline Telephone Email
Saral Almujahed Administrative Assistant 703.323.3200
Muhammad Basit Executive Assistant to the
Dean of Students
Kristy Balbuena Pathway Advisor 703.764.5041
Hengameh Fatehimanesh Office Manager, Counseling 703.323.3069
Christy Genova Student Services Specialist 703.323.3072
Tho Le Student Services Specialist 703.323.3067
Emmanuel Nadal Student Services Assistant 703.323.3400
Eunice Torkornoo Student Services Specialist 703.323.3070
Thu-An Trinh Administrative Assistant 703.323.3200
Vinh Nguyen Administrative Assistant 703.323.3200