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The science of Geology is traditionally divided into two broad areas, physical and historical. Physical geology involves the study of earth materials, as well as the various processes that shape our dynamic planet. The aim of historical geology is to understand the origin of the Earth and to unravel the history of the Earth and life through geologic time.

At NOVA-Annandale physical geology is our most popular course, designed for both science and non-science students alike. Second semester students usually take our course in historical geology, which meets the needs of students intending to transfer who require two semesters of lab science. In addition, honors option sections exist for each of our geology courses. Our extended and related course offerings include a two-semester introductory oceanography sequence, mineralogy, paleontology, and environmental geology, as well as a diverse group of one-credit geologic field-study courses. In the summer, we offer several in-depth courses on special topics: Mid-Atlantic Field Geology, the Oceanography of the Chesapeake Bay and a regional field geology course in the northern Rocky Mountains.

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