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The Annandale Campus Music Program is a vital contributor to the cultural and artistic life of Northern Virginia. The program offers traditional, as well as experimental, courses of study and performance instruction in all vocal and instrumental mediums.

For those interested in ensemble experience, the campus supports the NOVA-Annandale Symphony Orchestra, a jazz big band, a jazz ensemble, a chorus and madrigals. There is a music class to suit every music enthusiast. Music majors and those taking it as an elective explore their musical interests and develop their potential through classes, individual lessons and solo and ensemble performances. Students gain a sense of artistic values and personal fulfillment through performance.

With an emphasis on musical development and academic excellence, the program provides the guidance and stimulus to help students achieve their goal -- whether a professional career or simply an art and skill that brings the performer enjoyment.

Assistant DeanAdministrative Assistant
Virginia Pates
Phone: 703-323-3496
Nancy Minogue
Phone: 703.323.3114
Office: CM 342