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NOVA students acting on stage

Communication Studies and Theatre Arts

Communication Studies and Theatre Arts is a combination of two academic fields -- communication studies and theatre arts. Communication Studies courses allow students to become more familiar with and competent in the process of transmitting and receiving messages, options for sending messages and the effects these messages have upon others. Theatre courses assist students in exploring the fields of acting, directing, stage production, film and appreciation for the dramatic arts. Our staff consists of six full-time professors and adjunct faculty members.

Six CST Courses are a part of the college's General Education requirements. The following courses meet the oral communication requirement for graduation:

  • CST 100 Principles of Public Speaking (also available through ELI)
  • CST 110 Introduction to Speech Communication (also available online through ELI)
  • CST 115 Small Group Communication
  • CST 126 Interpersonal Communication
  • CST 227 Business and Professional Communication
  • CST 229 Intercultural Communication

Check with your curriculum major to see which course is recommended for you.

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