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Business Management & Administration

Our purpose is to deliver knowledge to a broad base of individuals seeking to develop their management skills, to companies and government organizations seeking to provide outsourced training and education for their entry-level supervisors and middle managers. The deliverables are provided in the traditional classroom on campus, through Internet delivery means, applied management experiences and contracted onsite courses.

The Annandale Advantage:

Contemporary courses emphasizing supervisory to middle level management in entrepreneurship, technology leadership, human resources, project management and applied management principles.

Dedicated teachers who have business experience and subject matter knowledge and who are available as a resource.

Top-notch facilities with the latest contemporary technology, computers and audiovisuals for you to practice communication, diversity and problem-solving skills.

The real deal of the Annandale Advantage is:

Understanding Diversity

NOVA students come from 127 countries, which means you will learn more about global cultures -- knowledge and human relations skills that will be an invaluable career asset for you.

Gaining Communication Skills

Business Management courses emphasize interpersonal communications, which means that you have the resources to learn and apply face-to-face and electronic communication skills. Learn to use PowerPoint, BusinessPlanPro, Project Management - knowledge and skills needed in business management today.

Applying Problem Solving Techniques

In Business Management courses, you have the opportunity to practice individual and group problem solving skills. Teamwork skills and Leadership Development are a value-added benefit of this Annandale Advantage.

Practical Applications through internships, field experience courses, and business plan development, all designed to offer you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom with real life experiences.

Assistant Dean Administrative Assistant
Stewart Edwards
Phone: 703.323.3162
Office: CC 216
Avril Amato
Phone: 703.323.3163
Office: CC 216