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Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and ADA Compliance Committee


The Safety, Emergency Preparedness and ADA Compliance Committee reviews periodically campus safety policies and procedures consistent with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of l970 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Governor’s executive order number 44 of 2007. The Committee stays informed about emergency response plans within the local jurisdiction that are applicable to the campus. In addition, the committee seeks to promote an active interest on the part of all campus personnel in the practice of a safer working environment. Fire inspections and drills, health, safety and hazard checks, accident investigations, safety bulletins and looking at facilities and programs of the campus to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and regulations are all appropriate duties of this committee. The committee advises the College Emergency Planning Committee and makes appropriate recommendations to the campus provost.

2014–2015 Members

  • Rizwan Rahman, Chair
  • Abbas Eftekhari
  • Andrew Goldstein
  • Burton Peretti
  • Celeste Dubeck-Smith
  • Charlotte Calobrisi
  • Sgt. Christopher Powell
  • Ellen Fancher-Ruiz
  • Frederick Tittmann
  • Justin Miller
  • Lawson Earl
  • Louis DeRamus
  • Robert Woodke
  • Wayne Ledford

Meeting Minutes