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Beautification Committee

The role of the Beautification Committee is to enhance and beautify the Annandale Campus by advocating to the campus community a high standard of involvement with the cleanliness, maintenance and attractiveness of the campus, and by making semi-yearly recommendations to the Provost regarding priorities for campus beautification projects.

2014–2015 Members

  • Bob Carroll, Co-chair
  • Cheryl Robinette, Co-chair
  • Virginia Pates, Recording Secretary
  • Karen Bushaw-Newton
  • Ralph Nicastri
  • Cheri Bridgeforth
  • John Aakesson
  • Kevin Sheehan
  • Nancy Chamberlain
  • Bob Hull
  • Judy Miller
  • Dan Franssell
  • Sana Hilmi
  • Jennifer Sayasithsena
  • Mary Atkins
  • Nancy Minogue

Committee Minutes

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