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Achieving the Dream Committee

The role of the ATD Committee is to make recommendations to the administration on techniques and strategies to improve persistence, retention and success by helping students to address the following areas: successfully complete the courses they take; advance from remedial to credit-bearing courses; enroll in and successfully complete gatekeeper courses; enroll from one semester to the next; and earn degrees and/or certificates.

2010–2011 Members

  • Carol Sinwell, Co-Chair
  • Cheri Spiegel, Co-Chair
  • Rashmi Chilka
  • David Conroy
  • Karla Henthorn
  • Liling Huang
  • Raymond Jones
  • Jill Mitchell
  • Ray Orkwis
  • Beverly Pittman
  • Margaret Roberts
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Rashida Rowther
  • Janet Sass
  • Hayib Sosseh
  • Mark Stillions
  • Richard Thompson
  • Darlene VanEvery

Meeting Minutes